During the past years PURE has been organising events for the high-end market in the most beautiful resorts and venues across the island.

The musical direction of our events is focused on magnetic and dynamic sounds which will make you dance from start to finish.

Our commitment is to spread the positive vibes while creating unique and magical atmospheres.

Each and every year, the crowd is divided for separate New Year’s Eve plans. PURE has decided to create an early NYE to gather their clients. 

The event will be extremely different from what we have done before, with mind-blowing illusions and a changing stage which are going to transport you to “Another Dimension”.

Come dance in front of a changing stage on the best sounds!

PURE is gathering the island on the Saturday 29 December for a unique experience.

Reinier Zonneveld
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Pure Events

PURE is a multi-awarded entertainment company located in Mauritius.

Our core mission is to spread happiness while creating concepts with super high frequencies.

We create world-class events for the high-end market.

For our 2018 events we've decided to think out of the box and showcase PURE in many formats: Beach Club ; Night Club ; Luxury 5* Resort ; Free range Mountains.

From Indoor parties to huge festivals and ultra-luxury beach parties we covered most of what the Mauritian nightlife has to offer.

Our identity regroups the multi-identities of this island and we have no problem to organise events which are different. In fact diversity is our strength.

In terms of sounds we explored many facets of electronic music with a specialisation in Progressive House & Melodic Techno.

For the last party of the year, we are going for an unclassified music specialisation with announced headliners and surprise headliners ;) with the very same goal to make you feel the party animal in your soul for the next weeks after.

We move the island, physically, mentally and spiritually. Be ready for it!

We work 100% online

We understand that the world is moving fast and that your time is becoming the most important value.
This is why our tickets and packages can be bought online HERE

Javed Vayid